5 tips to optimise your productivity when you Work From Home

5 tips to optimise your productivity when you Work From Home

Working from home allows you more flexibilities to do your job, but this luxury may often turn into a missed opportunity without proper planning and discipline. We would like to share some work from home tips which you may easily follow at home and do your job efficiently!

1. Freshen your mind before work (*Do not wake up sharply at your working hour)

Please raise your hand if you are a night person! Waking up early in the morning to work is highly exhausting. While you work from home, you cut down all traveling time to your workplace. Now you may wake up one hour prior to your working time, freshen up and enjoy your breakfast. Yoga and meditation in early morning are proven to strengthen focus, improve self-awareness and reduce stress level. Kickstart your day with a clear mind!

2. Dress properly for your work day

What is your favourite outfit while you work from home? Pajamas? Sweatpants? So far there is no company rule to set the dress code of WFH, the above mentioned outfits are comfy and casual in your cozy home. However, your working mood is directly affected because you do not feel like work! When you dress up for work, you give your brain a reason for doing it. Freshen up > Get dressed > Set your hair & minimal makeup. 

3. Maintain Consistent Working Hours

There are too many distractions at home. Your bed, your Netflix, your family, your pet and so! No one guides you working all time, mostly you have to record your time sheet or work in front of video cam. Self discipline is of vital importance, set your working time and breaks and strictly follow your time table. Of course, do not always work overtime! Make life balance to keep your physical and mental healthy!

4. Prepare a To-do list

Too many great ideas and pending tasks but cannot execute them efficiently? List all down and organise in order of priority, no matter in your reminder or a piece of paper. Control your time spent cleverly, you may get fruitful result. Productivity comes from focusing on your to-do list, growth starts with making your to-learn list. Improving depends on setting goals for knowledge and skills to build, not just tasks to finish – Adam Grant. 

5. Get Virtual Office Package

Virtual office provides physical business address and access to administrative services. Meanwhile, you don’t have to pay for maintenance associated with renting an actual office. Incube8 offers 8 different virtual office packages to fit your business requirements, as low as RM1 per day. It is absolutely affordable to maintain great business impression with a Mont Kiara business address and comprehensive secretarial services!