Service Office Kuala Lumpur: Advantages of InCube8

Whether you are starting up your own company, or looking for a place for your subsidiary in Malaysia, you need to consider the advantages of a service office in Kuala Lumpur.


In order to create an great first impression, the address on your business card is relevant, specifically in Malaysia. A service office is usually located in a Grade A building to provide a professional image. Hence no matter how big or small your company is, your business card will immediately create the impression that your company is relevant – after all your office is in a great location, and is not run out of a house.

A service office in Kuala Lumpur provides however much more than just a professional address.

Using a service office in Kuala Lumpur allows you to save on headcount. You do not need to employ a secretary to answer a phone, or a tea lady to bring you coffee and look after your pantry. In a service office all those services are included and part of the rental fee. This allows you to focus on business generation, and not worry about staff issues. In a service office you can be assured that someone will always answer your phone, no matter wether you are in a meeting or in the car.


One of the other advantages of a service office is that you start in the company of other InCube8 – service office kuala lumpurpeople. Specifically as an entrepreneur it can sometimes be quite frustrating to be the only person in your company. Being in a service office allows you to interact with other people that have similar interest and challenges. And you don’t need to hire a secretary just to make some photocopies, or get you in touch with a government agency – a service office in Kuala Lumpur usually has a team of professionals whose job it is to lighten the load on your overhead.

With a service office in Kuala Lumpur you get the best of both worlds: you save money as you don’t need to invest in furniture, office renovations and decorations, receptionist and other staff, and you have all the facilities such as meeting rooms, pantry area and others available to create a professional office space for you and your team.