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  • Hi Incube8 team,

    Thank you so much for the Incube8 team for having us for more than a year. Incube8 had been a cosy ‘home’ office for us and this is where everyone is treated as close to a family like. I will always remember the morning greetings at the door entrance, followed by the short warm chats over the coffee pantry. It was heartfelt to get know each of the Incube8 members: Rejeena, Aris, Carmen and Elvira at a personal level.

    We started with a two men team and in 12 months’ time, we have outgrown the office space to a team of more than 5. Nevertheless, the standards of services were maintained high and the team had been impressive. The staffs were extremely helpful- providing professional facilities to tenants at all time, and in case of any urgent notices, they were quickly announced. On top of that, they were supportive to special requests from us and they could deliver all without fail.

    The office space is kept at the best condition and we find it comfortable always. A brownie point is given to the office environment here too, whereby you will able to meet and greet with aspiring entrepreneurs, creative talents walking past the walkways. The atmosphere has been enterprising, which encourages a lot creativity in the room too. Besides, we anticipate the festive-themed decorations in the office too! (Especially Halloween)

    We came in as a small team and have grown substantially over the short period, part of the success factor is the accommodating environment that Incube8 had provided us- be it the people and the facilities. Thank you again and we wish you our warmest regards. All the best success.

    Philip LeongCrowdo Malaysia
  • We were looking for an office space that allowed us to focus on our work right away. Incube8 offered us exactly that. The entire team at Incube8 is incredibly helpful and assisted us in many business and non-business related situations. We are happy to share the space with other exciting companies and look forward to develop our business here.
    Hearing Experts Malaysia
  • To Whom It May Concern,

    We are pleased to note our satisfaction with great support and service offered to us by expert and friendly personnel of Incube8. This Company provides a professional and high quality support with focusing on customer requirements.

    I would recommend Incube8 and their great staff who have shown how passionate they are about their job, to anyone in the industry.
    Congratulations and please extend our thanks to everyone at Incube8.

    General ManagerD. NasseriLian Inc.
  • Our company is a consultancy company base in London, New Zealand, Malaysia and Japan.

    Incube8 service office providing a comfortable environment and a great start up solution and the Incube8 Team is always friendly with bright smile and I am very happy with their service. Although I am a Japanese and not good in English, I am always well taking care by Incube8 Team and I feel comfortable to communicate with them. In fact, since I start to work in Incube8, Annual sales became 180% compared to before. And I was also energetically to work.

    Sometime My Business partner come here from Japan, HK, Singapore on weekend, and they feel comfortable.

    Thank you for good and comfortable environment.

    Chief Executive OfficerNAOYA MASHIOLINKOO Consulting Group
  • At InCube8 the team values their clients and does their best to ensure our Ringgit & Sent invested in their services is productive.
    Ps/- Rajeena, thank you for the superb work, Keep it up!
    Thank you for helping our business to grow.
    General ManagerShukurFarzim Medicare Sdn Bhd
  • Perfect office - Having used in cube 8 for one year. It delivers a super support structure and an effortless place to do business from.
    DM AsiaAndrew MynorsGeolog International
  • Incube8 offers us a great working environment with the benefits of being modern and comfortable. We are always supported by a professional team of office managers who are very dedicated, helpful and responsive. Thumbs up to the management of Incube8… Carmen, Elvira, Rajeena, Vittoria and Julita have been absolutely fantastic in making this a wonderful place to come in to every morning.

    We have been here in Incube8 for 16 months, and our staff count has tripled during this time… and the management of Incube8 has supported our growth every step of the way. They are so much more than just a serviced office provider, they are our partners in growth.

    First class service, great facilities and charming atmosphere… we would definitely recommend Incube8 to any businesses or entrepreneurs.

    Dennis TanSmith Zander
  • We loves Incube8 because they offers....

    Good Location, Prestigious Office, Clean & Friendly Staffs, Dedicated and professional receptionist to answer our calls, Modern & Cozy Cafe Lounge, Convenience stores and shopping facilities.

    Crimson Petroleum Sdn Bhd
  • Incube8 is a great place that gives you a place to work from, and a community to exchange ideas with. The staff is very accomodating to varios needs.
    ChristinaMVF Metal Works
  • Mi trovo presso questa organizzazione da 1 anno e le mie personali impressioni sono le seguenti:

    a) La posizione dell’ufficio rispetto alle attività da svolgere in K.L. e nel circondario è strategica
    b) Il rapporto qualità/costo dell’ufficio (condizionamento e trattamento aria) è decisamente vantaggioso
    c) Il mix delle persone e la quantità delle stesse permette di fare anche delle conoscenze interessanti per il B2B
    d) Le sale per eventuali meeting offrono la possibilità di ricevere un discreto numero di persone in ambienti eleganti
    e) La discrezione e serietà del menagement è un valore aggiunto per aiutare nei problemi che possono insorgere
    f) Il personale alla reception è molto disponibile e professionale

    Pietro BonviciniCeo Fassi Holdings
  • Sophisticated atmosphere, clean offices, up-to-date facilities, good coffees, with VERY FRIENDLY SERVICES! I truly recommend InCube8 to Japanese companies who plan to start business in Malaysia!!
    Kumaki Soken
  • We visited several service offices in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore before discovering InCube8. Immediately we felt we made the right choice – great location with modern facilities in an impressively clean and professional environment.

    As a newly established company, InCube8 provides absolutely everything we require to operate efficiently and is surprisingly affordable. We find the facilities and location are perfect. Yet, it is the management and staff that sets Incube8 apart from other serviced offices – always genuinely enthusiastic and willing to go that extra mile to help, they know exactly how to take care of you and make us feel at home.

    Carmen, Elvira, Rajeen, Julita, Vittoria and the InCube8 team truly understand the meaning of “service” and do an amazing job in effectively managing both the offices and the needs of everyone, allowing us to focus on the most important thing - our business!

    InCube8 is a wonderfully pleasant and friendly place to work from - we couldn’t ask for more!

    PS. Great coffee too!

    David MartinTruFinger Holdings PTE LTD
  • I love Incube8! The team here is very friendly and hospitable, they respond fast to our requests, and they make us feel comfortable and at home. In addition, they have a great infrastructure, an energy saving environment, hi-speed internet access. The place is very well maintained, there is good security systems in the building, and lots of car parks are available.
    Douglas WooAir Change Pte Ltd
  • We really like to be in Incube8. The staff is down to earth and super friendly
    Hendrik ToftumMedius Group
  • Great service with a professional and friendly team. We’re very happy to be here!
    Jamie RosarioHCMI SEA and Pacific
  • Incube8 was the perfect fit for us. They are both affordable and efficient. The modern environment with the state of art front office features gives us and our clients the business confidence. In essence we are happy to be part of the “incubated” group of companies
    Shanker SivaMyStreetsCapital Sdn Bhd
  • I've worked in a bunch of serviced offices all around the globe. Incube8 is the ultimate definition of the serviced office. The crew consisting of Carmen, Elvira, Rajeena, the tech guy Peter, and even the maid Julieta go above and beyond to help. If you're a budding entrepreneur, and need a professional space to work on your dream business, this is the place to be.
    Ben ChongMarketJS.com - HTML5 Entertainment Solutions
  • InCube8 provides a platform for starting up a business at prestigious address. We have been impressed by the facilities and services provided at reasonable prices. The office suites, meeting rooms and common areas are spotlessly clean and neat making it a conducive work place. Their friendly and helpful personnel (namely Carmen, Elvira, Rajeena and Julita) complement the welcoming environment.
    AnnieAPI Consultancy Sdn Bhd
  • Incube8 is the perfect combination: friendly staff in a professional office atmosphere. I feel very comfortable working in such a great place (high speed internet, clean and modern facilities, the continuous support from all the staff and super competitive office rental rates). Thank you very much for making my business life easier!
    Javier NietoSouth East Asia Sales Manager
  • Nice and cozy with a group of attentive staffs always prepared to serve us. A perfect place for any form of setup and strategically convenient to the city centre. No other place better than Incube 8.
    Desmond SeeExceed Sports & Entertainment Ltd
  • Obviously, I do not have any negative comment instead I would like to give a few compliments to Incube8 which I’ve experienced since I’ve signed off in January 2014.
    -Office environment always clean & tidy.
    -Well-mannered & helpful receptionist, helper & IT staff.
    - Office equipment are always in good condition.
    -Great follow up on the request.
    -Lots of flexibility.
    -Reasonable rates of charges.
    THANKS for providing me with such a comfortable working environment.
    MelindaTreasury Wine Estates
  • As a digital creative agency we found in CUBE the achievement motivation that we need for our accuracy and clients relations. They offers for us a reliable reply phone call and fax services, clean and modern offices with high quality of Internet connection. Truly satisfied.
    Saad SofieneDigital Caddie
  • We are an internationally-based Financial Consultancy, with a UK background, and we have been using Incube8’s services for around four months, now. Having initially been pursuing our own, dedicated offices, we considered looking into the ‘serviced office’ option (not for the first time), when nothing suitable could be found in the area we wanted. Incube8’s facilities, on 23rd floor of 1 Mont Kiara, offered a good address, in a suitable area. It also had the advantage of having a mature infra-structure already in place (phone lines, internet, lighting, aircon –all things taken for granted in the UK, but all to install yourself, here in Malaysia, as we quickly found out). Coming nicely-furnished, and with several meeting rooms available for use by tenants, we found that both the initial setting-up costs, and the amount of dedicated space we would require, were much reduced from our initial estimates.

    Since actually moving in, we have found all the permanent Incube8 staff here to be delightful -always cheerful, and genuinely as helpful as possible. The first ‘front-line’ experience of either visitor or telephone-caller is Rajeena, who is both courteous and intelligent –an absolute must for somebody who might be projecting the very first impression of your business. Once working here, you’ll always find either Carmen or Elvira (or usually both) on hand to discuss any of your business’s particular needs. They seem genuinely focussed on how they might accommodate your wishes, if at all possible. Even the young girl, Julita, who cleans up and furnishes us all with tea or coffee in the afternoon, is an absolute delight.

    Another great advantage to our particular business is that when we are out of the country, we can relax in the knowledge that anything which comes into our office -be it post, delivery or telephone call- will be dealt with efficiently. Any such event will then be communicated to us immediately, so we always know exactly what’s going on in our business, even though we might be on the other side of the world! I don’t hesitate to recommend that anyone setting up a new venture weighs up the costs of establishing their own offices against those associated with a facility at Incube8. So far, we are absolutely convinced this was the right more for our company at this time.

    Andrew HirstBlue Planet Financial
  • We are satisfied with the services provided by Incube8. It was a pleasure for us to do business with Incube8. Incube8 provides a professional environment for businesses with pleasant working conditions. We would say that Incube8 provides a not only professional working environment but also a secured and clean surroundings.
    Mr AngPak Online Sdn Bhd
  • Carmen and her team have been super helpful and accommodating during our recent relocation to Incube8. They have gone above and beyond to make us feel welcome and provide assistant whenever we required it. The offices at Incube8 are conveniently and tastefully designed for the comfort of the tenant. There is also a free flow of coffee and tea to help us stay alert during our work day. This is definitely a good choice for new start up looking for a hassle free way to setup office.
    PRECIA MOLENSebastien & Ping.
  • I’m R.Vicneswari @ Vickey from Gemskills Sdn Bhd, very much appreciate with the facilities and utilities that has been set up for the office which give the moments of good time while in working hours in this environment and for future enhancements I expecting more greenery to the working environment and atmosphere. Thank you very much to give me an opportunity to share my comments with InCube8 Venture One Sdn Bhd.
  • We would like to express our thanks to the super friendly personnel of Incube8 for helping us to setup our company here. Incube8 personnel has always been ever – friendly and always gives a smile regardless of what day of the week!
    We would definitely recommend Incube8 to anyone that wants a working space in an office that provides excellent services without fuss to anyone! Many thanks again especially to Carmen, Elvira Rajeena and Julita.
    E- Fortify Asia
  • I would like to thank Elvira for the quality of service provided by her and Incube8 Team.

    We sincerely appreciate your gracious customer facility and the way your team conduct business as a whole. We have, and will continue to recommend your service to other companies and contacts. I wish you and your whole team good luck and all the best!

    Admin AssistantAmira ZulkifliKONG OFFSHORE MALAYSIA SDN. BHD. (1190436-D)
  • In early stage, we got only 2 partners but luckily got full support from Incube8. When we were not in office, the receptionist would answer call and take down all the notes. Carmen could definitely take place to be our ‘spokesperson’ to promote our products and also our mentor to share her sales tactics. Elvira from Russia is very helpful and brought us lots of fun 🙂

    It is sad to break it but we have grown up from a baby to a teenager. We need more spaces to run our business and we have new plan on our expansion. It's a strategic move, we had to let go such great option.

    With love & Heartbreaking,Storming Gravity