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Usage of address subject to following terms and conditions:

1. Subject to fair usage policy:

All the incoming letters receive which is attention to your company name. Letters without company name will not be entertained.

a. No more than 30 pcs of mail per month.
b. No more than 5 pcs of courier envelopes per month. Acknowledgment will be based on Incube8 stamp.
c. No packages or anything of value.

2. A surcharge will be imposed on mail exceeding above limits:

e. RM 20 per month for every 30 pcs of mail.
f. RM 5 per courier mail.
g. Between RM 5 per package per day storage. Oversized packages will not be accepted.

3. Incube8 shall not be liable for any lost mail.

4. One user – one company name only!

5. In case of dispute, Incube8 reserves the right to terminate contract with client without notice.

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