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Once you have decided that the smartest move for your startup and growing enterprise is to have a service office in Kuala Lumpur, you might wonder why to choose InCube8 as service office provider? Well, there are actually quite a few reasons why you should:

1. A service office in Mont Kiara allows you to escape from the traffic jam of the city, while retaining a Kuala Lumpur address. InCube8 in One Mont Kiara offers easy access to most of the major highways, and you can be in Kuala Lumpur City Center within minutes. And because your service office in InCube8 is outside the city center, you avoid rush hour jams

2. There are plenty of accommodation possibilities in walking distance from the service office in Incube8. If you are looking to set up presence in Malaysia, using a service office in Mont Kiara allows you to kill two birds with one stone: great accommodation opportunities in walking distance to your furnished office.

3. InCube8 is the service office with a comprehensive all-in-one solution offering. Not only do we offer fully furnished office space, telephone answering service and meeting rooms, but we also have a company secretary, outsourced accounting, payroll processing, business coaching and all other services that a growing business needs. Using Incube8 as your service office allows you to focus on your business, while we take care of all the other support requirements.

4. InCube8 service office is run by experienced entrepreneurs. While any other business centre in Malaysia offers furnished offices and facilities, we provide business acceleration services. Through our experienced business coaches we are able to accelerate your business growth from inception to IPO.

5. The management team of InCube8 is part of PIKOM’s Angel Investor Network. We have access to VC funding and Angel Investors, which could prove invaluable if your startup has the potential to be a big organisation, but you lack the funds and market access to realize your dreams.

Choose InCube8 as your service office provider, and join many other companies that have already done so. Check out our testimonials for more information!